CTO at Miquido, Mobiconf founder. He takes care of speakers and logistic.
She fallen in love with Android, but it's not everything about her. She likes doing almost everything - one day she improves her drawing powers or learns a little bit of Japanese. Takes care of Android speakers. 
Marketing Communications Specialist at Miquido. She loves challenges, mobile, management and snowboard. Her passion is creating awesome events! Takes care of sponsors, media partners & logistic.  
She is the girl who likes to make people smile! :) She loves dancing, especially latin style. Takes care of iOS speakers. And YES, she is programmer!
Front-End Developer at Miquido. After hours he’s spending crazy amount of time developing his own mobile game while listening to good music. Responsible for creating new Mobiconf website.
Android Developer at Miquido. He was studying applied computer science. In his free time he is generally watching series and movies, running, eating jellybeans and brewing own beer. Takes care of Android speakers. 
Graphic Designer at Miquido. Travel enthusiast, pasta lover & yorkie owner. Likes to observe the world through a camera lens. Believes that a year without a music festival is a wasted year. Takes care of graphic materials.
Android Developer at Miquido too. Loves to code at work and do everything else afterwards. Hates swimming and spinach. Responsible for Android speakers.
Project Manager at Miquido and a PhD student at the AGH UST in Krakow. Composed, committed and cheerful. Nothing relaxes him more than Katori Shinto Ryu or a good fantasy book. Takes care of sponsors. 
Android Developer at Miquido, student of Computer Science. She loves technology, good coffee and playing The Sims! She takes care of Android speakers
Software Tester at Miquido. Ealier editor, graphic designer and journalist. Staunch Apple fan. Still hungry & foolish. Takes care of media and community partners. 
Senior Backend Developer at Miquido. He’s all into gaming, pc hardware and studying old religions. Responsible for coordinating work around Mobiconf web & backend. 
iOS Developer at Miquido. In her free time she learns French and takes singing lessons, because music and France are her biggest passions next to mobile technology. Takes care of iOS speakers.
Junior Backend Developer at Miquido. He’s dedicated to new technologies, often from outside his expertise. Responsible for backend solution powering new ticket system.
FinTech solutions developer. In spare time climbing high mountains and riding fast motocycles. Takes care of iOS speakers.
Marketing Communications Manager at Miquido. Since 10 years his professional life is all about marketing & PR. With IT industry he’s connected (emotionally too) for over 5 years. After work - bobber style motorcycles rider and enthusiast. Takes care of Mobiconf brand development.
Office Assistant at Miquido, She likes gummy bears! ;) She takes care of speakers.